Make sure your clients have cover against SARS' tax audits and related disputes

Your client looks to you for professional, up-to-date insurance advice.

With SARS facing in excess of a R300 billion tax shortfall, they are under pressure to meet targets, which is leading to increased audits.

It’s no secret that they are targeting SMMEs, business owners, High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and Trusts. More detailed tax audits and investigations are being performed to curb tax avoidance. The risk is clear and significant. Cover in the event of a SARS' tax audit has become a top priority.

In the event of an audit, preparation for effective representation to SARS can mean many hours, if not days, of preparation. Who pays for this work? Often the services of a tax practitioner or accountant are not enough and it requires specialised tax lawyers to defend a case.

Your client must be aware that they’re entirely responsible for their own tax affairs. Ensure complete peace of mind for your client with Tax Risk Insurance.