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Looking for the right Tax Risk Insurance cover to protect yourself, your business or your trust against a possible SARS tax audit or related dispute?

Select the option that best suits your needs

Get immediate personal cover directly through our partnership with Granadilla*

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Speak to your broker about robust, yet affordable cover for yourself, your business and your trust

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Get Immediate personal cover directly through our partnership with Granadilla*

Giving you great personal cover at affordable premiums

Salaried Individual

(Earning fixed income)

Earn less than
R1,5mil p/a

R60 000* cover

Only pay R69 p/m*

Earn between R1,5 mil & R3 mil p/a

R100 000* cover

Only pay R85 p/m*

Non-salaried Individual

(Provisional taxpayers, company directors, individuals who earn variable income)

Earn less than
R2 mil p/a

R100 000* cover

Only pay R210 p/m*

Earn between R2 mil & R5 mil p/a

R300 000* cover

Only pay R299 p/m*

*Terms and Conditions apply

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Policies are underwritten by Bryte Insurance Company Limited, a licensed insurer and an authorised FSP (17703).

Speak to your broker about these great insurance options depending on your needs

Offering high levels of cover at affordable premiums

Insurance Options


R100,000 cover

from *R235 p/m


R250,000 cover

from *R249 p/m


R250,000 cover

from *R199 p/m

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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  • Only protection of its kind in South Africa in the event of SARS' tax audits and related disputes

  • Available for businesses, individuals and trusts

  • SARS is targeting SMMEs, trusts and High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs)

  • Cost of a SARS' tax audit and related disputes can run into thousands of Rands

  • No matter how good your accountant/tax practitioner is, you may be selected for a tax audit

  • Sometimes you need to go to court - tax lawyers are expensive

  • Incorrect tax assessments can bankrupt you

  • Cost of a SARS' tax audit can force you to shut down your business


We offer individuals, business owners and trusts immediate expert assistance from unfair or incorrect tax re-assessments that often come with being selected for a SARS' tax audit.

We guarantee:

  • Affordable premiums

  • Easy to understand cover

  • Cover is retrospective - no waiting periods

  • Access to South Africa’s top tax specialists/ lawyers

  • Once policy is active - assistance no matter how far back SARS reassesses

  • Fair tax treatment and audit outcomes

  • Your accountant’s fees are covered for services during the claim

  • Can claim more than once a year

  • Experts to assist you when there is an unexpected SARS’ tax audit and related disputes

  • Fixed indemnity limits so you know what you have available


The cost of defending your case or justifying your position to SARS can be considerable.
We cover the cost of defending:


  • Audits and disputes which have commenced prior to the inception of the policy

  • Audits from tax returns which were submitted late, without extensions being granted

  • Where proper records were not kept

  • Where fraud or crime is involved

  • Costs of tax return preparation

  • Matters outside RSA borders

  • Any taxes, interest, penalties or fines correctly imposed by SARS


The Indemnity Limit for the product category selected is fixed so your client knows what is available and is equal to the Annual Rand Limit or the Annual Hours Limit, whichever is the lesser. Terms and conditions apply.