SA’s trusted insurance for taxpayers


SARS is facing in excess of R300 billion tax shortfall. This is leading to increased audits. It’s no secret that they are targeting SMMEs, business owners, High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and trusts. More detailed tax audits and investigations are being performed to curb tax avoidance.

If you’re selected for an audit or investigation, SARS may put forward a case that you’ve underpaid your taxes or a human error may be found. Even if you have the best accountant or tax consultant in the world, you’re still at risk of being selected for a SARS’ tax audit.

Tax Risk Underwriting Managers offers individuals, business owners and trusts selected for a SARS' tax audit immediate expert assistance and support. We appoint and pay for a team of tax professionals to defend your case. This may include tax attorneys, auditors, tax specialists, accountants and other tax advisors who may be required to ensure a fair audit outcome.

From only *R210 for individuals and *R219 for businesses monthly, you will get the Tax Risk Insurance cover you need for total peace of mind.

*Terms and Conditions apply